The Relatively Official Boston Burners Hotlist

Indispensable Information

The main Burningman Project site
the Boston forum at the BBS
How to join the Boston burners e-mail list

Personal Projects

ArtFluff's arts calendar, The Umbrella
Sebbo's Burningman writings and (currently on-hold) Shade Structure Guide project
Dave's magazine, Aftertaste and his band, Ichabod.
Cthulhia's theme camp ideas list, and its spin-off
ray soulard, jr.'s electrolounge
Julianne's theme camp project

Area Artworks

MITERS Show & Tell
Providence Waterfire
Cthulhia recommends:

Playa People

pictures of Charlotte, Cthulhia, Sebbo, and cast of thousands from 1998 and from 1999.

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